Piano with Karl - Private lessons Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, drums
Music Lessons with a Fun, Motivating Instructor.
 Serving: Burbank, Toluca Lake, Hollywood, North Hollywood, Glendale, Studio City, Sherman Oaks.
Lessons for adults too.
Lessons in The Comfort and Convenience of your own home
978-386-5644 (c) preferred number
818-308-5644 (w) (Noon - 6pm PST please)
 -or use the contact tab to your left -
Karl Steudel has been teaching music for over 20 years, with lessons that keep students motivated, while building a solid foundation of skills. Beginner students are offered fun exercises, along with a natural progression of pieces that demonstrate musical form, theory, and technique. Students may also select their favorite songs, or sing along with pieces from Musical theater, or explore their first Jazz or blues piece, improvisation or composition.
fun, sensitive, instructor
- 20 yrs teaching experience.
- ages 4-adult, beginner to advanced.
- Play music selections of your own choice.
         Classical, pop, Jazz, Musical Theater
- Offering Music Theory, , composition,      
          and performance technique.
- Many happy references available upon request.
Call me to learn more:
Let's talk..
- What are your (or your child's) goals?
- What is your favorite music?
- What are your past musical experiences?
- What do you find challenging? What do you like about your past teachers?
- Are you interested in Classical, Jazz, Popular, Blues, composition, improvisation?
Then, We can review my teaching methods, that support your goals.
Based on what I hear, I can propose a specialized lesson plan,
catered to your interest and needs, One that is fun, fruitful and motivating.
This is really a great way to find out if we are a good match.
Typically I propose a first lesson with no further commitment to see if it is a happy fit.

Click on the image below 
to watch video of an actual Piano Lesson...

Guitar (Beginner Level)
- Don't have a guitar yet? No problem,
- We supply a free loaner student guitar for your lessons, with an option to purchase!
- Learn at your first lesson how to play chords, and sing along.
- Learn more advanced finger picking, to improve your playing style options.
- Improve your sight reading, music theory, improvisation, and performance skills.
- Explore Rock, Blues, Folk and Country styles.
- Have fun with a supportive, experienced teacher.

Drums (Beginner to intermediate Level)
- Learn at your first lesson how to count and play right away.
Explore Rock, Jazz, Reggae, and traditional styles.
- Have fun with a supportive, experienced teacher
.- Initial study materials are included with lesson.
- I teach in a way that the student is actually reading drum music,experiencing a new beat each week, and enjoying identifiable progress. With my background in playing live and composing I can provide a deeper understanding of song form, provide performance tips, and will often accompany the student with my saxophone or keyboard. and most importantly, keep it fun!   (5 piece kit required for lessons)

Saxophone (Beginner-intermediate)
- star playing right away!
- Learn at your first lesson how to breathe properly,
- build a great embouchure.
- Improve your sight reading, music theory, improvisation, and performance skills.
- you first songs may have just two notes, then we build.
- Explore Jazz, blues, and traditional styles.
- Have fun with a supportive, experienced teacher.
   (Saxophone rental is available)

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